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Ashley Angel

+~All Or Nothing~+

1 August
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Name: Ashley Parker Angel
Age: 23
Birthday: August 1, 1981
Hometown: Redding, CA
Mother: Paula Angel
Father: Ron Angel
Brothers: Taylor & Justin
Astrological Sign: Leo
Current Height: 6’2"
Current Weight: 170
Hair : Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Elementary School: Buckeye Elementary School
Middle School: Buckeye Junior High School
High School: Central Valley High School
First Kiss: 7th Grade
First Concert: Third Eye Blind
Broken Limbs: Left wrist

Breakfast: Egg Whites and Cheerios
Fruit: Pineapple
Candy: Gummi Bears
Ice Cream Flavor: Anything Sorbet
Cocktail: Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri
Snack: Protein Bar
Burger Joint: In ‘N’ Out
Movie (Comedy): Dumb and Dumber
Movie (Action): Matrix
Movie (Drama): Pulp Fiction
Soundtrack: Grease
All-Time TV show: The Simpsons
Current TV Show: Friends
Book : Illusions
Artist: Michael Jackson
Album: Thriller
Song: Name (Goo Goo Dolls)
O-town song: All or Nothing
Fave Teenage Actress: Jennifer Love Hewitt
Supermodel: The "Guess" Girl
Comedian: Jerry Seinfeld
Wrestler: The Rock
Vacation Spot: Caribbean
Store: Costco
Season: Summer
Comeback: John Travolta
Vowel: o
Sport to watch: Basketball
Sport to play: Basketball
Video/computer game: Tony Hawks
Amusement park ride: Spiderman (Universal’s Islands of Adventure)
Toy: Waverunner

[[ Everyone hits an age where they start to question everything. If you haven't hit that age, you really shouldn't be surfing the web without parental supervision. In any case, this journal is completely fake. I am not Ashley Angel or any member of her management team. If you have any questions, I encourage you to leave a comment, and I will answer them to the best of my ability. If you are in any way offended by this journal, I'm sorry that you are such a tightwad. If you are the real Ashley Angel, please leave contact information so that I may further improve on my stalking skills. That, by the way, was a joke. Maybe. ]]