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The Basics~
Male/Female: Male
Heterosexual/Homosexual/Bisexual: Heterosexual
Your age: 22
How often do you think about sex in a normal day?: Uh.. alot to many to actually count
Have you ever had sex?: Yeah

The Kiss~
Do you like kissing people/a person?: Yeah
What is your favorite part of kissing?: Everything
Tounge or no tounge?: Tounge mostly
Where is the best place to be kissed?: Neck and chest
Where is the worst place to be kissed?: No where
Who do you wish you could kiss?: Not going to say
How important is kissing in a serious relationship?: Its important

Whats your favorite sexual position?: Depends

Where is the oddest place you've ever had sex?: The airplane was kinda weird, and the beach too, Oh I had it in my car also..
Where do you want to have sex?: On the side of a mountain *laughs* I dunno
Would you mind if people watched?: I dont really want people watching me.. thats kinda creepy 
How important is sex in your life?: Its important to me or you get sexual frustrations haha
Do you like having sex?: Yeah
With toys?: Yeah
In the dark or light?: Doesnt matter
Outside?: I’ve done it before
Flavored condoms?: Sure?
With anything else unusual?: No

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