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Stold this thing from someone

Airplane- I don’t like Planes
Animals- Zoo
Babies- throw up
Blue- my eye color
Children- Playground
Chocolate syrup- Oh I have fun with that stuff

Dogs- there cool.
Date- haven’t been on one in a while..
Eggs- Breakfast.
Elephant- big.
Family- I need to call them.
Friend- Mandy
Girls- Gotta love ‘em
Goats- Smell bad
Hair- I need a hair cut
Hobbits- lord of the rings
Ice- I’ve had some fun with ice
Ice Cream- I want some
Jail- robbers?
Jokes- laughing
Knight- Kiara Knightly
Love- Good thing
Loony- loony toons
Magic- fake
Marriage- probably a while for me
Night- Sleep
Noon- lunch
One- uno
Orange- Fruit
Peace- hippies
Power- of one!
Queen- king
Queer- mandy can be queer

Right- left
Romance- I can too be romantic Mandy!!
Sex- I like
Smile- frown
Time- 9:37
Tooth- tongue
Uniform- janitor
Unity- one?
Wedding- I’ve been to a couple
White- I’m white
Xylophone- that thing I used to mess around with when I was like 3
Zoo- I hear animals in my head.. that cant be good



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